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Welcome speech from the principal

Dear friends!

Welcome to the website of Amur National University!

I hope you can find all the information about Amur National University on this website, including: current majors, training directions, and detailed information on scientific, cultural and social activities.

For more than 40 years, Amur University has won praises, and has ranked first in teaching in the Russian Far East.

Today, Amur National University has a long history and glorious tradition. Our school won the first place more than once in the All-Russian University Competition organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science. And continue to forge ahead and make new heights.

The university offers courses at all levels-higher education (9 liberal arts and science departments), secondary vocational education, secondary general education.

A diverse teaching system and a rich education program provide favorable guarantees for future talent training. At Amur University, you will make the most of your strengths, enrich your knowledge, climb the peak of science, and realize your dreams.

Not only can I learn the ideal major at Amur University, but also step into a happy and rich university life. We hope that every university student can fully demonstrate their abilities and talents here.

With the advent of the information and high-tech era, higher education has been widely valued and has higher requirements. You can receive this kind of high-quality education in our school, and in the future, you will realize yourself and climb the peak!

Welcome to Amur National University!